Petrov’s Method – Polyglot

Psycholinguist Dmitry Petrov has developed a program that will teach you to speak a foreign language and hindi to english in 16 hours. The main principle comes from the communicative approach – you start talking in the first lesson. The author explains the main grammatical constructions and the most used words in the language. Students immediately use the knowledge gained by saying everything out loud. It is not necessary to practice for several hours a day, at least 20 minutes is enough. Pros of this approach:

Speed ​​and simplicity;
Overcoming the language barrier.

Of the minuses:

Simplified understanding of the language;
Insufficient vocabulary.
This method is suitable for those who need basic knowledge to understand and be able to explain themselves. We can say that this is the first impetus for people who want to learn a foreign language. Full courses of the Polyglot program for different languages ​​can be found on the YouTube channel ‎Culture. ‎