10 entertainment options to occupy your child on the plane

Favorite toy. Who better to share the hardships of the journey than a good friend! You can feed, water and rock him. Just don’t forget to wash them after the flight.

Drawing kit: notebooks, felt-tip pens, pencils. Develops fine motor skills and imagination, very fun and exciting! It’s better to take a notebook instead of a sketchbook-it takes up less space. Be vigilant, because the little artist can pay attention not only to the notebook, but also to the neighboring chairs.

Coloring books that will keep your child occupied for a while. Albums with stickers are also great.

Books. This can be a favorite book with which it is best to fall asleep, or a new exciting story. Another option is a children’s book about airplanes or the place you’re headed to. Myths of Ancient Greece go down well with some young readers!

Developmental books and tagalog to english translator sentence. Albums with tasks, logic games – a great way to pass the time on the flight and learn something new at the same time.

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Small figurines for finger games. They’re practically weightless, but your child will surely love playing on board!

Fingerplays. There are compact card games on sale that are easy to throw in your luggage to have contests on board later.

If you have nothing with you, you can always study the in-flight magazine or a scheme of how to behave in an emergency. Both interesting for the kid, and good for you!

A light snack. We must take it, even if we plan to sit in a cafe before the flight. Suitable not liquid and not friable. Snacks, cookies, croutons, dried fruit, healthy sweets. For the sake of peace of mind, you can even allow yourself to eat something unhealthy like chocolate bars, jelly beans or chips once. Let there be good memories from the flight!

Audio tales and https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-korean. Headphones in your ears – and professional speakers will take care of everything. By the way, you can pump into your gadgets children’s stories from Soviet records: mini-performances with the best actors in the country!

Cartoons and games in gadgets. This is for emergencies. No need to teach your baby to stick to the screen, but if the situation is critical, you can make concessions!